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DISCOVER SIR HAKIMIS BELIZE DIVE HAVEN Imagine a private island located in the centre of Belize's diving Mecca, 30 miles offshore from Belize City, where you can overnight where you dive, just a scant hundred yards from the matchless splendor of the reef.

It's easy to get to any of the exceptional dive sites from here. And when you're ready to explore above the surface, it's the perfect place from which to make your foray into the Belize mainland, with its tropical rainforests, majestic mountains, Mayan ruins and warm, friendly people. You'll find all this at Sir Hakimi's Belize Dive Haven, where luxury meets the forefront of underwater exploration.
INVESTORS - GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR Sir Hakimi's Belize Dive Haven is a dream in the process of being realized. This exclusive, private island already boasts a 300-foot pier with a 60' x 70' restaurant overlooking the clear, blue Caribbean Sea, and a 500' dock and dredged bay to accommodate large yachts. But there's still more to be done.

Get in on the ground floor. Join us in making Belize Dive Haven the ultimate destination for divers looking for the ultimate holiday experience.
THE BEST DIVE OF YOUR LIVE A huge variety of extraordinary dive sites line Belize's coast. The most famous, the Great Blue Hole, is considered the holy grail of dives. An almost perfectly circular sinkhole 1000 feet wide and over 400 feet deep, it's the world's largest, treating adventurous divers to spectacular views of underwater stalactites, stalagmites and columns that date from the last ice age.
And there are so many more adventures to be had. From Tureffe Island and Glovers Reef atolls to the many famous cayes and of course, the largely unexplored and still pristine barrier reef, there are hundreds of phenomenal dive sites to explore, each as distinct as it is outstanding. From gradually sloping ocean floors to astonishing 2,000-foot sheer walls where the ever-changing underwater flora and fauna never cease to enchant, divers can spend weeks in Belize and still see something new each day.
It has been said many times that some of the best scuba diving locations in the world can be found south of Mexico, in a tropical destination known as Belize. Revered for their excellent resorts, turquoise oceans, and some pretty exotic underwater animal life, this country attracts millions of tourists each year. When planning a vacation to a scuba diving location it is best to have a good idea of what you are looking for as well as doing a little research before you depart. Arriving to find that certain equipment is unavailable or that there may not be room within a group for your "plus one” can put a real damper on an otherwise out-of-this-world experience. Keeping these things in mind before you dive right in so to speak can save you a lot of hassle and ensure that your diving experience goes off without a hitch.
Financial Considerations – Each vacation will inevitably come across some type of unexpected expense, but some can really throw you for a loop. Be sure to inquire about equipment rental costs before you arrive. It may be possible that purchasing your own fins for example will be the same cost or even a little cheaper than renting from the dive site.
Experience Level – Many people when conjuring up images of scuba diving picture one just casually floating around with the occasional kick of the fins for propulsion. While it certainly is a sport which is open to many, it is possible some people may have trouble on a longer dive if they are new to the water. Like with most things there are different levels of experience which can be catered too. Some dives go quite deep and veer away from the crowd. These are wonderful experiences that few ever get to see, but they are better suited to experienced divers. Those who are newer to the fun will find themselves much happier sticking closer to the surface, exploring the coral and admiring the way the light reflects off of many of the rainbow and neon hued fish.
Weather – In many tropical destinations the weather is usually beautiful with ample sunshine and balmy temperatures. Storms can arise and sometimes water may have a strong current coming up that you aren't aware of. Be sure to inquire of your guide exactly where the safe spots are and what to do if you find yourself in a spot of trouble. This is one of the reasons having a partner is absolutely necessary as you don't want to go wandering off in the ocean alone!
Preparation – Scuba diving is perhaps one of the most fun activities one can participate in, but it is definitely also an underwater workout. You may even find yourself using muscles you had forgotten about. Take in a little extra jogging or perhaps a few days at the gym before you head off on your trip. These things aren't absolutely necessary of course to enjoy scuba diving, but you may find with better endurance you can go farther or travel longer under the sea.
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